Urban Farming Workshop
Urban Farming Workshop

Olivia Choong

Urban Farming Workshop

$ 70

Learn everything you need to know to start your own edible garden at home! No green thumb? Don't worry, that just means it needs to be developed.

I am a home gardener who has been growing edible plants for more than 4 years, and through my experiences and conversations with other enthusiasts, I have gained confidence and knowledge to teach others how to do the same. During this time, I have completed a permaculture design course (PDC) which has taught me how to sensibly design edible gardens in harmony with nature.

I will sit down with you and your family members and teach you how to begin and what you need to know to make your effort a success. I will also discuss your edible garden plan with you and kick start your journey with some seeds and plants, so start your urban farming journey today!

Classes (2 hours) are held on weekday afternoons at your home (or it can take place at mine). Weekends are available too, on request.

A complimentary set of seeds, plants and learning materials will be provided for every participant. 

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OLIVIA CHOONG is a nature lover, a home gardener, and environment advocate. She actively holds gardening workshops, is keen on a self sufficient, sustainable lifestyle, and keeps chickens and bees.

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