Serenade your Guests with Cheryl's Velvety-Soulful vocals

Cheryl Loon

Serenade your Guests with Cheryl's Velvety-Soulful vocals

$ 1,000

Hi! I feel extremely passionate about Top 40s, 90s & Jazz, but I am always excited to explore something new, especially if that is what my Client appreciates. Singing brings immense joy to me when I see the crowd enjoying my music.

I am very comfortable performing at weddings, corporate events, roadshows & festivals, having done so on numerous occasions.

Venues where I have performed at include hotels, restaurants, open-air setups, convention centres and retail malls.

My charges for a 2-piece acoustic band (2 sets x 45min) are S$1,000.

Do enquire with more details of your event as I'll love to hear from you!

I currently perform on Thursdays @ Five Square, 1 Pickering St (7.30pm - 10.45pm) & Fridays @ Pietro Ristorante (7.00pm - 9.00pm). See you there!

Your Pally

CHERYL LOON starting singing at the age of 11 and is heavily influenced by her father who’s also a musician and a freelance guitar instructor.

A marketeer by day and musician by night, singer/performer Cheryl works with various like-minded professional musicians for gigs and events while
managing her own Youtube channel covering popular songs with her own twist.

She is ever-ready to serenade her listeners with her velvety-soulful vocals. Pitch her and she’ll attempt a pitch-perfect performance.

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