Rock Climbing 101
Rock Climbing 101

Evelyn Chew

Rock Climbing 101

$ 70

Join me for an introductory session to rock climbing, and experience for yourself the allure of the wall, while enjoying all the benefits of the sport!

Rock climbing combines cardio and strength into one, increases your flexibility, and burns many calories! It also pushes you to reach higher and climb further, a skill-set applicable to all aspects of life.

This class is beginner friendly, so I welcome everyone (and I mean everyone!) even if you have 0 prior climbing experience. My class is designed for you to learn basic climbing techniques (footwork, body position, hand grip, etc.) in a fun and safe environment. I aspire to be more than an instructor so I will have games and stories to make your experience an interactive and fulfilling one!

Sessions (2 hours) are held on weekday afternoons from 10am - 5pm at The Cliff, SnowCity (21 Jurong Town Hall Rd). Weekends are available too, on request.

Entrance fees and equipment rental are included in the cost.

*Sessions will only take place if a minimum group of 2 pax is formed.

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EVELYN CHEW is a Singapore Mountaineering Federation (SMF) accredited Sport Climbing Category 1 Instructor. She is also the founder of Ministry of Adventure, an outdoor adventure club.

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