Drum Lessons (1-1)

Zephyr Khambatta

Drum Lessons (1-1)

$ 80

I teach all ages and skill levels from 3 year olds all the way to 65+ years old in a variety of genres.

Being in the industry as an avid recording and performing artist, diversifying from a degree in music (specialising in drums) to now releasing my own songs and playing for other artists, I bring a holistic approach to drumming education. Drums is not the end game; music is. I keep music at the forefront of teaching to give the student a well-rounded understanding of what they are doing and a real shot at making their mark in the industry should they wish to.

Drumming is a great way to use your mind and body at the same time. From kids who have too much energy to adults who complain about not finding time to work out, drumming is a one size fits all type activity. Great for Singaporeans with high stress lifestyles to let loose!

Lessons are conducted every day, except Saturdays from 1030 – 1600.

Locations are flexible; we can do them either at the student’s home or at centralised studio venues.

Price quoted is on a hourly basis.

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Your Pally

ZEPHYR KHAMBATTA is a Singaporean singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer, actor, model and host who also plays the drums.

After graduation with a BA (Hons) Music and starting as an intern at Prime Focus World in 2013, Zephyr provided input on the final mix sessions for Nikhil Advani’s film D-Day (2013). In 2014, he composed and produced the music for and featured a rap performance in Ministry of Funny’s song and YouTube video, Snapback, [ > 40,000 views on YouTube ].

In 6 years in entertainment, his body of work also includes performing on drums with musical theatre and percussion groups in Singapore, modeling, hosting and teaching drums. Zephyr also won 2nd place in the Band Category at the “IGNITE! Music Festival: Clash of the Bands 2012” competition. In addition to that, he was invited to play drums as part of Urban Drum Crew for “China-Singapore In-Concert 2010” which was screened to 100 million viewers.

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