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Jennifer Lim

Personal Coaching

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Need a personal coach to help catapult your career and break free from your routine?

As an accredited coach, I can help you to maximise your professional and personal potential. A firm believer in Walt Disney’s “If You Can Dream It, You Can Have It”, I seek to make the hardest dreams a reality by unlocking an individual’s full potential. Passionate about self discovery, I derive great satisfaction in seeing the transformation of growth in people’s journey of life.

My past experience over the last 9 years involved being a facilitator for many corporate training workshops.  Some of my clients include The Housing Development Board, The Ministry of Education and various schools. I was also actively involved in training campaigns such as Prison Volunteer Mentoring for Inmates, The Singapore Conversation and The 2016 NDP Teambuilding.

I am available on weekdays (9am-6pm) and weekends (7-9pm). Clients are welcome to decide their preferred locations as long as it is a relatively quiet public setting.

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JENNIFER LIM is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with The International Coaching Federation. She is also a certified coach with Newfield Asia and specializes in the ontological coaching approach. She has accumulated >150 coaching hours over the past 3 years.

Jennifer's credentials:
- Associate Certified Coach (ICF)
- Newfield® Certified Coach (Ontological Coaching)
- Certified Tetramap® Facilitator
- Points of You™ Certified Trainer

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