Rollerblading 101

Jennifer Chong

Rollerblading 101

$ 60

Always wanted to learn the basic techniques of rollerblading but don’t know how or where to start? Look no further!

I am currently conducting 1-1 rollerblading lessons for both adults and children alike, where I will teach you the proper skills and techniques of effective rollerblading. Being a 1-1 session (couples are also welcome!), I will be able to focus and tailor the class according to your requirements.

Benefits of rollerblading:

  • Calorie burn: Expect to burn between 500-600 calories if you blade for a full hour. An average-sized man who weighs ~190 pounds can expect to burn ~10 calories/minute of rollerblading.
  • Easy on the joints: As compared to running, blading causes less than 50% of the impact shock to your knees.
  • Great as a cross training exercise: Blading works the legs and glutes as you power through movement, while your arms, core and lower back get a workout as you keep your balance. Stronger muscles and better coordination help to prevent injuries and keep you active and nimble even as you age.
  • Mood-lifting: Have you ever seen a person rollerblading and frowning at the same time? 
  • Social: Blading is a fun and versatile activity which can be done alone or with friends. Enjoying a healthy social life equates to good health – so next time your friends want to meet up for dinner or drinks, suggest a skate around the parks instead!

2-hour classes are held at either East Coast / Punggol Park i) every morning (8-11am) and ii) full days on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

To get the most out of this lesson, 1-1 bookings are recommended, although couples are welcome to sign up as well!

*The minimum age requirement for children is 9 years old.

Your Pally

JENNIFER CHONG is a certified rollerblading instructor who has been actively involved in the sport over the last 5 years. Other than being an effective calorie burner, Jennifer believes that rollerblading is also a fun and versatile activity which can be enjoyed alone and in small groups.

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