Face Yoga

AK Yeoh

Face Yoga

$ 150

Face Yoga is both a relaxing and a new experience! Our facial muscles will be the main focus while posture will be another area given that most of us desk-bound workers would have tight and rounded shoulders.

Face exercise helps develop a stronger, chiseled face structure and improve our overall body posture. After learning the basics, all you need is to repeat that for 10-15 minutes daily. No artificial chemicals or fillers; purely our muscles - the only tool to achieve a happier and healthier-looking face. If we bother to go to the gym, why should we not spend some time on our face too? After all, first impressions are important, aren't they? :)

    The Experience will take place every weekend from 1530 to 1730. The cost (per pax) does not include the venue/studio rental, which will be split equally among all participants.

    *The session will only take place if a minimum group of 10 pax is formed. 2 weeks' advanced notice will be appreciated as I am based in Malaysia.

    Your Pally

    AK YEOH is a certified trainer with many years of experience in wellness, fitness & Face Yoga. She is 50 years young but her friends insist she does not look her age! 

    Email enquiries to ak.yeoh88@gmail.com