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Ethan Lee

Dating Coach

$ 990

Held over 3 days (2 hours per session), Ethan Lee provides private dating coaching to men (& women) who want to get ahead with the opposite sex and in life.

Coaching venues are dynamic - it can be on the streets, in malls, bars or clubs, depending on how relevant they are to you. 

Course Content (including but not limited to):

  • Basic Grooming (Dressing, Hair)
  • Personal Analysis (Find out your best qualities and learn how to project it)
  • Tonality, Body Language
  • Setting Intentions
  • Exuding the right vibe *intensive* Approaching someone new / Desensitizing (coach you in real time on the streets, in malls, cafes, bookstores, bars/clubs (optional) etc. on approaching women)
  • Attraction (the verbal and non verbals that make someone interested in you)
  • Spontaneous Conversation - How to start conversations, get numbers and set up dates
  • What to do during a date - How to be comfortable with yourself so you attain ultra confidence - Mindsets to have when it come to dealing with women

*Max group size: 2 pax

Your Pally

ETHAN LEE is widely acknowledged to be Asia's Top Dating Coach. He has a decade of experience in helping Men find success in Dating and Life. Featured on Cleo, Men's Health, Asiaone, and Vulcanpost, Ethan believes everyone can enjoy success in these 2 arenas.  

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