Be a Barista: Expressive Coffee Session

Madi Gras

Be a Barista: Expressive Coffee Session

$ 150

Learn the basic techniques of making your favourite cuppa, and top it off with creative latte art! The aim of this class is to encourage students to express themselves through the craft of coffee making. By fusing a little bit of poetry and creative writing during the workshop, I hope to unleash your true creative genius!

For 3.5 hours, we will cover the theoretical aspects before getting our hands dirty. Students will be guided throughout and given the opportunity to practise their techniques. Notes and plenty of coffee will be provided during the workshop. Students who have completed the workshop are welcome to book 1-2 hour slots (FOC) at the gallery to host their friends or family with their recently acquired skills. The journey does not end once the class is over and students are welcome back anytime to keep practising their skills till they make it their own. This is the difference between our sessions and others.

The class is open to anyone who is interested to learn more about coffee and being a barista. I currently conduct workshops every Tuesday (7.30pm-10pm) and Saturday (2pm-5.30pm) in Port Tumasik (11 Balestier Road), which is primarily an art gallery.

*This workshop will only take place if a minimum group of 2 pax is formed.

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MADI GRAS has more than a decade of experience in the coffee industry. He has conducted >50 workshops since 2013, beginning with the public class in SMU. Madi Gras is now introducing the Expressive Coffee Session where he teaches interested students what it takes to make a good cup of coffee.

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