Thank you for your interest to become a Member (the "Pally" or "Pallies") of Pally Asia, a digital agency owned by Pally Asia Pte. Ltd. (the "Company") which creates custom experiences for our customers (the "Client").

By submitting your details to become a Pally, you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions governing the membership:

  1. As a member of Pally Asia, the Company may (but is not obligated to) from time to time, contact you with information regarding suitable assignments. The terms and scope of such assignments shall be subject to contract between the Pally and the Company.                                           
  2. The Company does not guarantee that any assignments will be provided to the Pally, and the Company shall have the sole discretion to selectively inform Pallies of any assignments.

  3. This agreement does not restrict or restrain the Pally from entering into contracts for the performance of assignments, or an employment contract, with any other person.

  4. The Company may, with prior written notice, add, remove, or vary, at its sole discretion, any rules or policies in connection with membership in Pally Asia.

  5. The Company may remove your membership from Pally Asia at any time without prior notice.

As a Pally member of Pally Asia:

  1. I represent that I am above 18 years of age;

  2. I acknowledge that nothing in this Agreement, creates or implies a relationship of employer or employee between the Company and myself;

  3. I consent to the Company using and/or disclosing to third parties, any photographs, images, audio/video recordings, portfolios, or other personal information provided by myself to the Company, in connection with Pally Asia, obtaining assignments (whether or not such assignments are later forwarded to myself for consideration), or the Company’s marketing purposes, and, to use and retain such information for a period of 6 years after I am no longer a Pally, unless such consent is withdrawn in writing;

  4. I consent to the Company contacting me at my contact details provided (or any other contact information disclosed to the Company), in connection with my membership in Pally Asia, including but not limited to providing information on assignments.

  5. I consent to the Company's Code of Conduct governing the Experience. Should there be a modification/cancellation of a confirmed Experience (e.g. venue, time) within 24 hours of the Experience taking place, Pally Asia reserves the right to adjust the agreed allowance.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at

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