What is Pally?

Pally is a Social Experience company whose “Rent-A-Friend” platform helps to fulfill a social need and encourages face-to-face interaction in today’s technology-obsessed society. Simply book an experience and our team of Experience Curators will match the most suitable Pally based on your requirements.

How do I book an experience?

2 fuss-free ways:

  1. Book one of our PallyBud experiences either through our i) iOS app or ii) website
  2. Don't see what you're looking for? Customize your experience by telling us your requirements.

Our Experience Curators will be in touch to confirm your booking and your Pally. It's that simple!

What kind of requirements can I state for my ideal Pally?

You can specify your Pally's gender and age group.

If you will like your Pally to have a certain skillset or knowledge on a particular subject, please feel free to let us know. We endeavour to meet your requirements as much as possible. 

How do I make the most of my experience?

If you can tell us more about yourself i.e. your age group, hobbies, interests, etc (or anything that makes you tick!), that will help us alot in finding you the most suitable Pally. 

How do I make payment? Is it secure?

Pally Asia accepts, Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Bank Transfers and uses a secure payment gateway which meets industry standards.

Why do I need to make payment before I can receive Pally profiles?

Due to company policy and to respect the privacy of our Pallies, we unfortunately are only able to match Pallies and share profiles upon confirmation of payment.

Can I see a catalogue of Pallies?

We do not provide a catalogue of Pallies for selection. We will however endeavour to match 2 Pallies for your experience and you will have the option to select your Pally.

Is it possible to request for a specific Pally?

Yes. However, this is subject to the Pally's availability.

How long do you need to find me a Pally for my experience?

Our Experience Curators typically require a 24 hour advance booking to be able to match you with a suitable Pally. To access a greater availability of Pallies, we will encourage a lead time of at least 48 hours. 

Are Pallies screened?

Yes. Every Pally has been interviewed for fit and suitability by our Recruitment Team.

Is there any way I can provide feedback on my experience or Pally?

Yes. At Pally, Client and Pally satisfaction is our utmost priority. Post completion of your experience, you will be invited to review your experience and feedback on how we can better serve you in the future through a short 1 minute survey.