Code of Conduct

Thank you for your purchase of a Curated Experience (the "Experience") from Pally Asia Pte. Ltd. (the "Pally Asia").

By agreeing to our Code of Conduct (the "Code") and making payment for the Experience, you hereby agree to Pally Asia's Terms of Service and the following Code of Conduct governing the Experience:

  1. No monetary exchanges directly with Pallies.
  2. No participation in any criminal or illegal activities.
  3. No expectation of prostitution or engagement in sexual services.
  4. No solicitation of private experiences from Pallies.
  5. No request for Pallies' personal contact information.
  6. To practise non-abusive, non-violent, non-threatening behaviour and language towards Pallies.
  7. Payment for activities during engagement. Clients are expected to pay for Pallies' share of any activities i.e. Dinner if Pally is expected to join, Entrance fees, Equipment rental, etc.
  8. Right to privacy. Client should feel confidentiality is maintained if Pally is engaged in other social circles during engagement.
  9. Confidentiality. In the event that a Pally is spotted at another event, we would seek your understanding to not approach, expose or disclose the pally.
  10. Should there be a modification of a confirmed Experience (e.g. venue, time), Pally Asia has the right to find a replacement Pally for the client should the confirmed Pally be unable to accommodate modifications.
  11. There will be no refunds for a completed Experience. Should you be unhappy with an Experience, you will be provided the opportunity to provide feedback which Pally Asia will review.
  12. Where there is a cancellation made within 24 hours of an Experience where the Client has confirmed the Pally, the Experience will be treated as completed and no refunds will be made to the Client.
  13. The Pally has the right to end the Experience should he/she feel that any of the Terms have been violated or if he/she feels in any way threatened during the Experience.
  14. Pally Asia reserves the right to take legal action for any unlawful violation of the Terms to the full extent permitted by law.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at

Last updated Friday, August 5, 2016

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