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Getting chummy with Pally Ethan Lee

Dating is not magic, neither is it an algorithm that guarantees that you get every single woman you set your eyes on. As “good” as you may be, we are humans and not a piece of software or game.

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Getting chummy with Pally Zephyr Khambatta

From being in one of the top schools in Singapore to dropping out for music, Zephyr is one of the rare few we know who have done it successfully. For someone who has been through a series of (painful) life lessons, he sure knows when it is time to call it quits, in order to go full-steam in music, which is his life passion. In his own words: "It’s like a break-up and it definitely hurts but if the person just does not cut it, there is no point prolonging the pain." In the midst of sharing his experience through writing a book - ‘Surviving Music School’, we caught up with the man and his music. What is a deep...

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