Join Us In Our Journey With The Launch Of Our Mobile App

We have launched Pally’s first mobile app, available for iOS, offering users the chance to uncover many different experiences through the comfort of their own phone, and is currently available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices for free.

This all-mobile experience offers easy navigation and the higher chance of helping you find your experience by matching layers of personalities, and interests with the right request.  With the app, you will be able to discover even more about experiences you might not have thought of before, and by engaging Pallies, find out more about them, by interacting and having fun together.

You can also tell us what kind of Pally you are looking for, view matched Pally profiles, chat with your Pally via our in-app messaging system and even provide instant feedback when your experience is over. Currently, some of the activities include, dinner, sports, party, shopping and the list could be endless because it is defined by your imagination. 

Our base of unique individuals are eager to engage you, and always ready to ensure a great experience. 

The Pally app features:

  • A new social experience: interact, share, and grow with pals, buddies, and fellow hobbyists like never before.
  • Self-exploration process: the growing list of experiences help give users a look at what they would like to engage.
  • Interests fit: there is a growing pool of Pallies listed on Pally Asia so it’s even easier for users to find a buddy and an interest that fits their unique personality type.
  • Activity feedback: allow instant feedback to the team to improve the experience and interactions

We're offering a first time sign up experience discount for new users. You get 15% off using the code "pallyapp" so download and book your unique experience on the go today!

The Pally Team

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