It is NOT about cheating the feelings of other people

It is about managing your own stress in your own way.

Pally was featured in one of the segments in the Channel 8 News today! And there was quite a bit of debate on social media. Do check out the video clip here at starting from 19:30 mins onwards.

There are plenty of different stress these days from different sources. So while some of us might agree that bringing home a fake boyfriend or girlfriend is akin to cheating the feelings of your family and relatives, sometimes it really is NOT about them. How about your sanity with all the questions bombarding at you. Or the awkwardness when you would have to come up with some kind of white lie to brush them off? That will just add on to the stress. 

So let's not add hounding questions on marriage to be one of the stressful situations this holiday season. Make a new friend and enjoy the festive season today!

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