Getting chummy with Pally Yenny Yee

A NTU Science Graduate with Honors, who first started working in healthcare, had a passion for dance. Despite getting involved in cancer research at a later stage, Yenny Yee would still find time for dance classes, mainly in street Jazz and Latin. That has since changed having gone into teaching in the fitness industry for three years now. She often flies overseas with the intention to attend some of the most amazing and inspiring dance instructors’ special classes because she regards learning as a lifelong journey. Pally caught up with this cheerful lady to understand how she got started on her experience.

What is a deep passion of yours?

“It’s cliché but my work is my passion. To be able to dance and stay fit with my fellow friends and students, is more of a calling actually. I could never see my current line as a job.”

Tell us a bit about your journey so far?

“I started dancing in school 6 years ago as a hobby before venturing further into reputable studios. I was introduced to dance fitness one summer while still working in the health industry. It started off when I decided to take it up as a part-time instructor and only decided on quitting my previous job to focus on better cueing. Pilates was my biggest find of the year after all the injuries from missteps and accidents. My pain actually disappeared! I could finally continue dancing without worries for a longer period! Pilates is actually a dancer’s secret to a prolonged career. And now you know my secret.”

Are there any happy moments? What made it so?

“There are too many daily! Maybe I am enjoying myself too much in this trade! Especially when my students reap the benefits of any workout and come out smiling and drenched in perspire.”

Tell us one recent achievement?

“The most memorable one would be a successful fitness event last year. I was part of a great team who planned fitness parties twice a year and we were always sold out! There’s more to come and it’s gonna be bigger in Asia!”

Are there any funny stories you’d like to share?

“Many! In this industry, I am blessed with meeting various people from different backgrounds and their stories to share. There’s always something to learn, and one is never always a teacher. I feel like a student all the time! Recently, I was told how some tea boiled with apple skin can cure knee pain. I never laughed so hard that night at the superstition because I will be out of a job if everyone can drink tea and cure pain that way! I did try many traditional chinese medication during my injury period but they can only reduce pain for a short while. Never cure.”

Yenny’s experience course “Introduction to Pilates” was listed on Pally recently due to a growing demand in personal wellness activities. We continued with questions to understand more on this personal development sport and what her emphasis on Pilates is.

What are the biggest misconceptions about Pilates?

“The most common feedback from non students was how Pilates consist of repetitive stretch movements. This is so untrue! I have never been so tired after an hour of Pilates compared to my dance classes! It’s more about strengthening the core, but stretching is done actively too, making the workout tougher. And if they had found it too easy and boring, the teacher has failed.”

Were there any interesting stuff which happened while teaching?

“There were times when I had to teach in Mandarin. I ended up confusing the words neck muscles with pelvic. All hail Google translate!”

How do you determine the geniuses while teaching them?

“There are no geniuses in class. Just different people with different bone structures which either makes the different workouts harder or easier for them. And I will happily challenge them with modified movements if they find it easy.”

What is the ultimate goal for Pilates?

“It differs from person to person for those who attends my class. My aim as a Pilates teacher for the general public is posture alignment by strengthening and lengthening muscles.”

Yenny’s favorite quote is Robert McNamara’s “We see what we want to believe”. If you have been searching for a Pilates experience or if you believe you have what it takes to follow your passion, then do join her and create your own experience!

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