Getting chummy with Pally Timothy Loh

A big tennis fan, who lives and breathes sports! Timothy spends most of his free time working out in the gym or trying out new bars and restaurants. Currently working as a Personal Trainer, he has a big passion for fitness and food. Striving towards his dreams of owning a boutique gym serving up delicious and healthy food would weave both passions into one. Listen in to our conversion to find out what he’s like!

Tell us how did you come about discovering your interest in tennis and a bit about your journey so far?

I started tennis back in Primary 3 (mini tennis) trying to get the attention of a cute girl I had a crush on. I figured that I could win her over if I got pretty good at the sport. But alas, I didn’t manage to win her over! However, I did get quite good at the sport. In secondary school, I took some time off from tennis as golf was a bigger priority. Knowingly, tennis has always been a passion of mine so I got into coaching right after graduating from University. 

What’s your current routine like?

I work in a gym so I try to exercise 6-9 times a week. Sometimes I do split sessions of about an hour each. I don’t play competitive tennis anymore but I still coach on the side. I also try to get 6-8 hours of sleep each night and pack most lunches and dinners. I still indulge in dessert and buffets from time to time but generally avoid fast and fried food.

What irks you while coaching and did you learn anything out of it?

Naughty kids who don’t listen and hit balls out of the court. They show a total lack of respect for me as their coach. Hence, I have to be firm with them. I guess they have to fear me to an extent.

Tell us one recent achievement.

A recent achievement would be having helped a kid master and improve his serve. He had decent ground strokes but struggled with his ball toss and serve set up. We only made a breakthrough recently after a lot of hard work and practice.

Are there any funny or horror stories you’d like to share?

Haha not funny or horrific per se, but I do encounter "manja" kids who tend to throw tantrums or cry to get what they want. Kids can be naughty but it is our duty as coaches to guide them. If all else fails, we send them to their parents!

Timothy’s offers two experience courses “Small Group Tennis Coaching” and “1-1 Tennis Coaching” on Pally. An Olympic sport that is played at all levels of society, we continued with questions to understand more on this demanding sport and what his emphasis on tennis is.

What is one biggest misconception about tennis?

That it is an easy sport to pick up and doesn’t require hard work, fitness and dedication.

Was there any interesting stuff which happened while coaching?

I give students fun and interesting drills to challenge them. As a full-time personal trainer, I try to incorporate fitness routines and pass on my knowledge during my sessions.

How do you determine the geniuses while coaching?

They learn very fast. I am able to constantly give them harder tasks to complete and they make difficult shots look effortless. People born with the natural ability need to be constantly challenged so that they would not grow tired and suffer from burnout.

What is the ultimate goal for being a good tennis player?

One should be able to play at a reasonable standard even at a ripe old age. Unforced errors should be minimised and the player should be able to hit winners from all wings (forehand/backhand/volley/serve/smash).

Choose only one of the two: Money or Experience

Money. It can buy you certain experiences and exposure.

If you have not tried tennis before, or previously could not find the right time to, then do join him and create your own experience today!

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