Getting chummy with Pally Jennifer Lim

A zesty and energetic lady with 3 diplomas to her name, Jennifer was inspired by her own life experiences to turn her dreams into reality. Now, she would like to do the same for others. As a life coach, she strives to maximise peoples' personal and professional potential. Pally spent some time with her to understand how she embarked on this meaningful journey.

What is a deep passion of yours?

In one word - People. I firmly believe that everybody has dreams which can be turned into reality. If we truly believe in it and take effective action, we can make it happen.

How did you come about discovering your interest in being a personal coach?

I had literally travelled the world, from the deserts of Israel to the streets of New York, to learn, grow and pursue my coaching dreams. I made up my mind to be a personal coach at the age of 30. There was no specific incident; rather it was a natural progression of where my life's learnings, experiences and goals led me to.

Any happy moments? What made it so?

What makes me happiest is when my Clients are inspired to achieve their dreams, and the results they want in their lives. 

Tell us one recent achievement. Describe it. How recent?

It was last year when I received my ACC certification from the International Coaching Federation. It was a recognition of my hard work and efforts poured into coaching as a vocation and career. I am very proud of it!

Are there any funny stories or horror stories you would like to share?

I find it slightly amusing when some of my Clients "act out" and dramatize their issues. That said, that is definitely helpful in diagnosing bigger issues and building rapport. The challenge is to listen to their stories without getting absorbed into it. At the end of the day, I always tell them there are two "R"s for any outcome - "Reasons" or "Results". They have got to decide! And of course, I steer them to the latter! 

People are constantly passionate about self discovery, and life coaches have always been around to guide them along. Jennifer’s experience course “Personal Coaching” listed on Pally aims to break free from your routine and make your hardest dreams a reality by unlocking your full potential.

Life coaching is about finding out your best self with the help of a certified coach. It is not a session where solutions to your problems are given. Think of a road trip without a destination, and you are the driver. Your coach is the vehicle commander beside you in the passenger seat. With your coach, you will figure out your destination and drive towards it. Along the same lines, life coaches guide you along and let things work out the way you want it to be. We continued with a couple more questions to understand her better on personal coaching.

What is the biggest misconception about personal coaching?

That the coach has all the answers and solutions.

What is the ultimate goal for being an effective personal coach?

To inspire my clients to take meaningful action in order to live the lives they want.

Choose only one of the two: Money or Experience

Money. Because without it, it is difficult to build big dreams and turn them into reality.

Jennifer’s favorite quote is Walt Disney’s “If you can dream it, you can achieve it”. If you have been searching for your calling in life or have always been unsure of what you would like to do, then do join her in and create your own experience!

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